ERIMA launches exclusive partnership with handball expert Ljubomir Vranjes

18. July 2016

Today ERIMA and Ljubomir Vranjes announced their new partnership. As of now, the sport brand will exclusively produce and market the VRANJES 17 handballs designed by Vranjes. Furthermore, the IHF World Handball Coach of the year 2014 is going to support ERIMA in developing handball-specific products.


With Ljubo Vranjes Erima takes on board an absolute expert of handball. At present he is coaching the SG Flensburg-Handewitt, a top club also under contract with ERIMA. Equipped by ERIMA Vranjes and the SG won the EHF Champions League in 2014 and the DHB Cup in 2015. In addition to his numerous titles as coach the former center back player can point to a successful career on the handball pitch. Now his long years of experience, his background knowledge and expertise will contribute to the partnership with ERIMA.


The especially designed VRANJES 17 balls – 17 stands for Vranjes’s  former jersey number and is his favorite number- are handsewn and stand out for their convincing playing characteristics. The balls are ideal for practicing individual throwing techniques and are suitable for both, professionals and beginners. Besides the Vranjes logo the balls will also show an ‘engineered by ERIMA’ embossment. ERIMA will be marketing the VRANJES 17 balls through the international dealer network as well as through its own online shops. The balls, which complement the ERIMA collection, will be available from August 2016.


As successful coach and much asked for expert Vranjes is well connected and in an excellent position to help ERIMA in marketing the balls and boosting brand recognition and perception.  These positive effects will perfectly support dealers in selling ERIMA handball products.


“Ljubo Vranjes and ERIMA – a really cool partnership! The chemistry between us is just right. We are a perfect match on a personal level. As world coach he is an absolute handball expert. I’m sure, we will have lots of fun together, achieve a lot together and win,” Wolfram Mannherz, the owner, joyfully announces.